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BANKEX Foundation aims to implement blockchain into our everyday practice, making the world a more open, transparent and honest place.

All our engineering is open-source, as we invite the community to participate, develop our technology and find new ways to apply it.
We work in several directions to achieve our goal:

BANKEX Foundation Educational Program mainly consists of these series of educational courses:
  • Basic Blockchain and Ethereum course
  • Advanced Blockchain and Ethereum course
  • Distributed App development course
We hope that about 5000 people will join them by the end of 2018. Also, throughout the year we are going to publish articles designed to explain cutting edge topics blockchain in simple words, and organize webinars aimed to help those who have just started their educational process to get the grasp of the blockchain technology
Plasma Protocol
Plasma is a system that can solve the scalability problem of the Ethereum network and ensure the volume of transactions comparableto centralized systems such as Visa and Mastercard. Plasma is a separate unit with high performance, plus a smart contract system that connects it to the main Ethereum network. This makes it possible to combine the advantages of distributed systems such as the absence of intermediaries and the reliability of transactions with the high speed and low commission of centralized systems
Coming Soon...
First and only up-to-date implementation of the Web3 protocol for interacting with smart contracts via mobile devices. Bankex Foundation has long-term plans for Web3swift development such as browser integration for full support of Dapps and integration with light client for the Ethereum network itself, so that a mobile device is a stand-alone member of the network. We believe that an iOS device with the latest firmware, security updates anddevice encryption is the best and the most convenient way for end users to store their funds and quickly and seamlessly interact with Ethereum
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