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Bringing Blockchain to Everyday Life
Foundation is one of the companies of the BANKEX group.

For us, this is a manifesto of social responsibility - our way of saying "thank you" to the world for which we are working.

Open Charity
The "Open Charity" project will create a service for donations and charity with transparent transactions, where anyone can define the conditions via smart contract (such as the goals that the money is intended to fund) and monitor their execution.From a technical point of view, open charity at the current moment is a money transfer system of tokens within the charity with additional rules (trust system for using amounts of a certain size, tags for different purposes of charity), in the future, the function of checking target expenditures.
BANKEX Foundation Educational Program mainly consists of the educational courses series:
  • Basic Blockchain and Ethereum course
  • Advanced Blockchain and Ethereum course
  • Distributed App development course
We hope that about 5000 people will join them by the end of 2018. Also throughout the year we are going to publish articles designed to explain cutting edge topics of blockchain in simple words, and organizing of webinars aimed to get the grasp of what the blockchain technology is for those who have just started their educational process.
Plasma Protocol
Plasma is a system that can solve the problem of scalability of the Ethereum network and ensure the volume of transactions comparableto centralized systems such as Visa and Mastercard. Plasma is a separate unit with high performance, plus a smart contract system that connects it to the main network Ethereum. Thus, it is possible to combine the advantages of distributed systems such as the absence of intermediaries and the reliability of transactions and the high speed and low commission of centralized systems.
Coming Soon...
First and only up-to-date implementation of the Web3 protocol for interacting with smart contracts via mobile devices. Bankex Foundation has long plans for web3swift development such as integration with the browser for full support of Dapps and withlightclient for Ethereum network itself, so a mobile device will be self-sufficient member of Ethereum network. We believe that iOS device with latest firmware, security updates anddevice encryption is the best and the most convenient way for end users to store their funds and quickly and seamlessly interact with Ethereum.
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Sasha Vlasov
Blockchain developer and System Architect (CTO)
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, MSc in High Energy Physics Founder of (fintech start-up for P2P payments)
  • Research at DESY and Fermilab 5+ years in software development: Blockchain, Backend, Mobile Frontend (iOS)
Petr Korolev
Head of the development team and founder (CEO)
  • 10+ years experience in software development (Evernote, Intel, Mail.Ru Group), MSc in Solid-State Physics
  • Experience in building an architecture of secure browser with its own distributed encryption system, mobile apps for banks, security audit
  • Head of mobile development at FxPro. Founder of three libraries:
    • GitHub-changelog-generator
    • ActionSheetPicker-3.0 (Obj-C)
    • GaugeKit (Swift)
Maria Davletshina
Project Manager for Open Charity
  • Currently, gets her PhD in psychology at the Higher School of Economics
  • 7+ years of experience in conducting large multidisciplinary scientific projects. Participant of international conferences and the author of many articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • 5+ years of experience in international and local charitable organizations
  • 3+ years of experience in behavioral therapy with special children
Igor Gulamov
VP Engineering
  • MSc in Theoretical Physics (Moscow State University)
  • More than 10 years in software development
  • More than 7 years as IT entrepreneur
  • Launched several independent startups
  • Co-founder and CTO in Coin32 (up to the 2014 year) and InstallBundle
Roma Semenov
Developing foundation projects and admining servers
  • Founder of 2 startups
  • MSc in Quantum Physics and Field Theory
  • Experience in high-load systems architecture
  • 10+ years experience in software development
Vladimir Tarasov
Software Engineer
  • Full-stack coder and hacker. Studied mathematics and computer science in Lomonosov Moscow State. JavaScript programmer
  • 14+ years experience in database optimization, constructing ML models, prototyping mobile apps, tinkering vector graphics
  • Worked as a developing engineer in Yandex, Software architect at Readymag
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