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BANKEX Foundation School
The first fundamental blockchain school presented by an international fintech company
Blockchain Education
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About us

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics: everyone has heard something about it and everyone is talking about it. But blockchain is now so diverse that, amid all the chaos, it can be hard for newcomers to make sense of it.

The goal of our educational project is to organize and spread solid, useful knowledge about blockchain technology. We want to build and develop an interactive community of crypto-enthusiasts.

We believe that this community has to be founded on principles of open-source and collaboration - this is why all the courses of BANKEX Foundation School are free to everyone.

We also regularly publish articles covering cutting-edge technologies in the industry and organize events where blockchain experts help you get up to date on the latest blockchain developments.
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How much does it cost?
The courses are free, but the applicants will have to pass the test consisting of maths and programming tasks
After having successfully completed a course, you receive a certificate
Kirill Kuznetsov
Solidity developer
  • Smart contract developer
  • Winner of 7+ hackathons
  • Participant of Microsoft Student Partners educational program
  • Teaches workshops and blockchain courses in MSU, BMSTU, NRU HSE and other
Nick Kozlov
Solidity developer
  • Fullstack developer (JS, Go, C#)
  • Leader of BUTTON team (won 8+ hackathons including Microsoft hackathon, IBM hackathon)
  • Participant of Microsoft Student Partners educational program
  • Worked as a developer in Siemens, now CTO of BUTTON project
Artem Vorobyev
Team Lead BANKEX Foundation
  • 15+ years in software development (Prosoft-System, 3CX, projects on software development and architecture for the companies in Russia and worldwide)
  • Blockchain developer experienced in Frontend, Backend and embedded systems.
  • Blockchain enthusiast and curious learner, finished Princeton University and B9Labs blockchain courses, writing the smart-contracts language in free time.
  • Co-founder and Consultant of I-LINK Consulting
Natalia Polyanicheva
Project leader
  • Studied journalistics at MGIMO, graduate of NRU HSE, Faculty of History
  • 5+ years of experience in newsmaking and coordination of educational programs
Petr Korolev
CEO BANKEX Foundation
  • MSc in Solid-State Physics
  • 10+ years experience in software development (Evernote, Intel, Mail.Ru Group)
  • Experience in building the architecture for a secure browser with a distributed encryption system
  • Author of 3 open-source libraries:
    • github-changelog-generator (~4.5k stars)
    • ActionSheetPicker-3.0 (~3k stars)
    • GaugeKit (~1k stars)
Sasha Vlasov
CTO BANKEX Foundation
  • Founder of (fintech start-up for P2P payments)
  • Research at DESY and Fermilab
  • 5+ years in software development: Blockchain, Backend, Mobile Frontend (iOS)
Blockchain and its application to finance
Alexandr Vlasov and Sergey Prilutskiy gave lectures as a part of the "Blockchain and its application to finance" course in New Economic School
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