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The first fundamental blockchain school presented by an international fintech company
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Have you wanted for a while to learn how to work with Ethereum and Solidity, but can't seem to find the time for research? BANKEX Foundation School welcomes you to join their free four-day intensive course on Solidity development.

Come down to BANKEX Foundation Moscow office on July 20-21 and 28-29 and spend the weekends in the most productive way!

The target audience are software developers familiar with OOP languages. Knowledge of JS, especially Node.js и Frontend, will be an advantage.

The training is free, but the applicants need to pass the entrance test (rus) before July 19. Those who successfully complete the test will receive an invitation by e-mail.

The training will take place in Moscow, Lva Tolstogo str., 18B.
What the course is about:
This is a practical course, where the participants will study examples of code and create their own. Theory will be minimal: you'll get all the necessary information while working on practical tasks
What we'll do:
  • Plunge in smart contract development
  • Study the syntax of Solidity and its other features
  • Discuss the ways to build grand-scale projects on Solidity
  • Go through common rookie mistakes, critical vulnerabilities and basic solutions
Who it is for:
Students who major in tech, professional software developers and anyone with experience in OOP
How long it takes:
The training takes 4 days, July 21-22 (6 hours a day) and July 28-29 (4 hours a day).
There'll be a pizza break!
What to bring:
A laptop with any OS, please install a browser (Chrome / Chromium preferred), Node.JS, NPM, Truffle, ganache, and a text edit program or IDE (Visual Studio Code or WebStorm recommended)
What else:
After completing the course you'll get all the materials studied and a certificate.*

* The course does not qualify as professional or supplementary education.
The course takes 4 days
Nick Kozlov
Solidity developer
  • Fullstack developer (JS, Go, C#)
  • Leader of BUTTON team (won 8+ hackathons including Microsoft hackathon, IBM hackathon)
  • Participant of Microsoft Student Partners educational program
  • Worked as a developer in Siemens, now CTO of BUTTON project
Кирилл Кузнецов
Solidity developer
  • Smart contract developer
  • Winner of 7+ hackathons
  • Participant of Microsoft Student Partners educational program
  • Teaches workshops and blockchain courses in MSU, BMSTU, NRU HSE and other
Artem Vorobyev
Team Lead BANKEX Foundation
  • 15+ years in software development (Prosoft-System, 3CX, projects on software development and architecture for the companies in Russia and worldwide)
  • Blockchain developer experienced in Frontend, Backend and embedded systems.
  • Blockchain enthusiast and curious learner, finished Princeton University and B9Labs blockchain courses, writing the smart-contracts language in free time.
  • Co-founder and Consultant of I-LINK Consulting
Petr Korolev
CEO BANKEX Foundation
  • MSc in Solid-State Physics
  • 10+ years experience in software development (Evernote, Intel, Mail.Ru Group)
  • Experience in building the architecture for a secure browser with a distributed encryption system
  • Author of 3 open-source libraries:
    • github-changelog-generator (~4.5k stars)
    • ActionSheetPicker-3.0 (~3k stars)
    • GaugeKit (~1k stars)
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